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Non-Robotic Laparoscopic Surgery

In the advancement of medical science in surgery, many techniques have been developed such as innovative laparoscopic surgery. Besides these advancement methods, user-friendly non-robotic assistance systems also exist. These are single, hand-guided devices that can support surgeons to perform operation successfully. Major advantage of this techniques in surgery is that it is time saving and also reduceshealthcare costs.

These systems are not related with the same restrictions as robotic systems. Instead, they enhance the competency of the surgeon to perform manual tasks. Some common characteristics of these non-robotic assistance systems are as under.

  1. Stabilization of the image that is relayed to the television screen. Unless this image is stabilized, the surgeon cannot view the operative field and proceed carefully.
  2. Some non-robotic systems permit fast repositioning and a very short fixation time (of less than 0.02 seconds) at the chosen position.
  3. The systems may be very lightweight devices, at around 18 kg and able to withstand a force of 20 N in any direction or position.
  4. Since outer interferences are neutralized by these systems, the surgical team can fully concentrate on the main goals of the operation.
  5. Another important feature of non-robotic surgery is that these lightweight systems also make mobile medical care easier to implement as they can be performed to distantsettings.
  6. The devices of Non-Robotic Laparoscopic Surgeryfulfil numerous demands of single surgeon operations in terms of being robust, easy to operate and adaptable.
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